Pre-register domains

Pre-registration is how you tell us that you want to stake a claim to a specific .app domain.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Domains that you pre-register work today by appending .cc to the end. For example, if you pre-register, you can make redirect to a URL of your choice.
  • Pre-registration is mainly about helping us develop business plans, policy items and undertake the ICANN bid.  No aspect of the process guarantees your ultimate ownership of the domain.  There are many reasons why you may not get the domain you want, including us not being able to get the resources together to make the ICANN bid, us failing the ICANN bid or a problem with the domain that you have pre-registered. However, what we do agree to do is make best endevours to get you the domain that you want.
  • Multiple people can pre-register the same domain. Redirection only applies to the first pre-registration.
  • Redirection via the domain will continue to work regardless of what happens with ICANN.
  • Some special domains cannot be pre-registered.  From time-to-time we may promote pre-registered domains to special domains.
  • You can pre-register a certain number of domains in a given period depending on your membership level. (This is top stop automation and land-grabbing of domains.)
  • Domains can be pre-registered in “stealth” mode where we do not promote them in tweets, present them in recent activity or show them on your profile.