We’re looking to raise 67% of the $185,000 ICANN evaluation fee through sales of memberships in the .app Project. This is the most important way in which individuals can help us make the .app Project a reality.

There are three membership levels. Each includes a number of domain registrations, priority service in domain allocation and the right to use special .app Project logo on electronic and printed materials forever.

Domain registrations represent at least a 75% discount over the expected cost of domains when the .app Project is up and running. Our current proposed cost for a .app domain is $25.00.

Silver Gold Platinum
Fee $25 $50 $100
Number of free domains 2 4 10
Term of free domains 24 months 24 months 24 months
Effective cost of domain per year $6.25 $6.25 $5.00
Discount 75% 75% 80%
Priority allocation service Yes Yes Yes
Rights to use special .app Project logos online and in print Yes Yes Yes
Pre-registration limits (more) 2 domains in a 5 day period 4 domains in a 5 day period 10 domains in a 5 day period
Links in member profile without ‘nofollow’ 1 2 4
25% off an Apress ebook (more) Yes Yes Yes
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However, the bad news is that ICANN’s fee is an evaluation fee, not a license fee. This means we still have to pay it even if we do not win. So it could be that we never get to a position to give you the domains that you want.

If we go ahead with the application to ICANN and we lose, we will get some of the money back. If this happens we will split what we get back with members on a pro rata basis, minus payment processing costs and any tax that we have to pay in the process of collecting your money.

Or, it could be that we do not put the application in to ICANN at all. (This will only happen if we do not believe that we will win.) If this happens, we will refund your fee to you, again minus payment processing costs and any tax.

We are using currently using PayPal as our payment provider, so in terms of payment charges their current fees are 3.9% + $0.30 per transaction. We will also reserve the right to take $1 for each membership that we do have to refund so that we can cover our own costs. (Remember, we may end up having to process refunds to 10,000 people and it may be that we have to pay someone to do this administrative work.)

(All prices are in US Dollars.)

To proceed, add your chosen membership level to your basket…